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May 9th Planetary Migration
May 9th Ability Scores IRL
May 5th Super Duper Cool
May 3rd Butter
May 1st We're Back
August 13th Airline Revenues
July 22nd What Pizza Can Teach Us About
July 8th Fine Dining
June 25th Organizational Structures: A Survival Guide
June 22nd Irregular Comic Posting Schedule
June 20th How I Feel When Watching 'Antiques Roadshow'
June 17th Internet Abbreviations
June 15th What To Do?
June 13th Van Gogh's Lesser-Known Portrait
June 10th EXTREME Bro Code
June 8th If Math Were Like Language
June 6th Meta
June 3rd Features
June 1st Self-Diagnosis Online
May 30th How to Multiply Your Riches Ten Times in Five Seconds
May 27th Making Do Part II
May 25th WhatsApp's Actual Mute Settings
May 22nd Space: Not the Final Frontier
May 21st Making Do
May 18th Time Machine To Take You Back
May 15th Why I Hate Oscillating Fans
May 13th Preparation Is Key
May 11th The Life and Times
May 8th Zit Logic
May 6th Ordinary Moose
May 4th Startup Trail
May 1st My BB-8 Gadget Wishlist
April 29th Breakthrough Idea
April 27th Super-Long-Term Job Security
April 24th Every Second a Handful of People are Born
April 22nd The Wild Ride
April 17th Emotion in Star Wars Films
April 15th How Stuff Works - Cell Phones
April 14th Shopping With a Toddler
April 10th Commercial Break Bingo
April 8th Sleep Deprivation
April 7th Brontosaurus Advice
April 4th How to Make Your Life Into a Movie
April 1st Should I Believe What I Hear?
March 30th Light Years
March 27th Decline Button
March 25th How To Drive Effectively With Friends Following
March 24th Kids Are Finally Asleep
March 20th What Your Email Domain Says About You
March 18th Awesome And Less Awesome City Nicknames II
March 16th Productivity On Planes
March 13th Customer Support
March 11th Six Little-Known Facts
March 9th Average Temperatures
March 6th Sayings As Mathematical Equations
March 4th World's Shortest Movies
March 2nd Emoticon Meanings
February 27th How To (And Not To) Be Generous
February 25th Awesome And Less Awesome City Nicknames
February 23rd Build Your Own
February 20th Waking Up In The Night
February 18th A Decade Of Cancer Studies
February 16th When You're Done Checking The Internet
February 13th Should You Compare it to a Nazi?
February 11th Intense Psychedelics
February 9th The Only Naming Convention That Works
February 6th My Own Phonetic Alphabet
February 4th A Place To Call Home
February 2nd Why I Won't Be Going To Super Bowl Parties Anymore
January 30th Sports Solar System
January 28th Food Feelings
January 26th Why Some People Avoid Working Out
January 23rd Microsoft Hololens
January 21st All In A Day's Work
January 19th Formula To Determine If You Should Leave A Sporting Event Early
January 16th Never Sleep
January 14th Severely Underappreciated Profession
January 12th Venn Diagram of Emotions
January 9th Is This Just Me?
January 7th Mosquitoes At Night
January 5th What Your Smartphone Messaging Style Says About You
January 2nd What I Learned From Jurassic Park
December 31st Two Thousand And Fifteen
December 29th What I Thought Potty Training Would Be Like
December 26th Alarm Clock Philosophies
December 24th Of The Worst
December 22nd My Productivity in the Bathroom
December 19th Look Bad In Pictures
December 17th New Word Suggestions
December 15th Taken
December 12th Lames Jokes
December 10th T-Rex Vs Goldfish
December 8th Human Evolution
December 3rd The Way My Brain Works
December 3rd Boring/Useless Superheroes
December 1st The New Star Wars Lightsaber Explained
November 28th My Job
November 26th #dadjokemonth comic 4
November 24th Your Inner Child
November 21st Of The Internet
November 19th #dadjokemonth comic 3
November 17th The Decision-Making Process
November 14th Never Shop Hungry
November 12th #dadjokemonth comic 2
November 10th Clothing Care Is Getting Complicated
November 7th Communicating Information
November 6th #dadjokemonth comic 1
November 3rd Why I Have No Free Time
October 31st Halloween: A Timeline
October 29th Acquisition Of Sustenance
October 27th Imagination Running Wild
October 24th New Shopping Label
October 22nd Physics!
October 21st Go On Without Me!
October 17th Just the way it is...
October 15th Life Decisions
October 13th Progress Is Impossible Without Those Who Dare To Dream
October 10th Truthful App Icons
October 8th Trying To Reason With T-Rex
October 6th And Sushi Was Born
October 3rd Rejected Reality Show Ideas
October 1st Remember That Time?
September 29th Adult Humor
September 26th Getting A New Phone
September 24th Annoying Travel Experience
September 22nd Product Design 101
September 19th How to Crash Apple's Servers
September 17th How Babies Make Decisions
September 15th Delusional Competitor Math
September 12th Which Came First, The Chicken Or The Egg?
September 10th They Grow Up So Fast
September 8th Things I WOULD Wish Upon My Enemies Part III
September 5th Handcuffs
September 3rd The Most Intimidating Part of My Job
September 2nd Forekast Is Here!!!
September 1st Selling Your Soul
August 29th It's a Bird! It's a Plane!
August 27th How To Tell When You Need New Milk
August 25th Bladder Function
August 22nd A Handy Messaging Guide
August 20th The Decline of Civilization
August 18th They've Arrived
August 15th Your Brain On Travel
August 13th This Guy Has It Rough
August 11th The Prank Spectrum
August 8th See How This Webcomic Changes Everything You Know
August 6th Tidying Up
August 4th The Good 'Ol Days
August 1st Scientific Black Hole Discovery
July 30th A Flowchart
July 28th Great Fortune
July 25th The Next Time You're Outside
July 23rd The Necktie
July 21st Stuff Named New Stuff
July 18th Beverage Logic
July 16th Automatic Sink and Toilet Logic
July 14th This Is My Story
July 11th Holding the Door For Someone
July 9th How Film Studios Make Decisions
July 7th 21st Century Journalism
July 3rd Dear NASA
July 2nd Male Biology Logic
June 30th A Little Kindness
June 27th What’s Wrong, T-Rex?
June 26th Various Things This Graph Demonstrates
June 23rd World Champions
June 20th Picture Science
June 18th Watching The World Cup
June 16th Chart of the United States’ Growing Love of Soccer
June 13th Thank you, Tesla.
June 11th The Game of Thrones Cycle
June 9th I Need A Hero
June 6th Games Contained Within American Football
June 3rd Reasons Why I May Change My Opinion On A Subject
June 2nd The Anti Hashtag-Activist Activist
May 30th Do You Ever Wonder?
May 29th What Kind of Restaurant Patron Are You?
May 26th The Venn Diagram of Disappointment
May 23rd Movies for Aliens
May 21st 7 Ways To Get Attention On The Internet (and annoy everyone in the process)
May 19th Anatomy of the Common Kitchen Knife
May 17th Baby Advice
May 14th Why Pizza Tastes So Good
May 12th The Physics of a Clean Shirt
May 9th Mother’s Day
May 7th Quite The Accomplishment
May 5th Sports Arguments
May 2nd The Regret Triangle
April 30th Grocery Shopping
April 28th Hey Brain, A Little Help Here.
April 25th Not Gonna Lie
April 23rd What Happens When You Do Something The Other Doesn't Like
April 21st This Is It. This Is How It Happens.
April 18th How To Lose Friends Playing Catan
April 16th Cats vs Dogs
April 14th Morning Equation
April 11th The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree
April 7th Things I WOULD Wish Upon My Enemies Part II
April 4th Remember?
April 2nd The Grim Reality of Tomorrow's Youth
March 31st How To Cook Restaurant Quality Pasta
March 28th A Flowchart of When It's Acceptable To Take A Selfie
March 26th Taking Out The Trash
March 24th As The Old Saying Goes
March 21st Reality Show Casting
March 19th Board Meetings
March 17th Here Comes Spring!
March 12th The Ruiner Of Friendships
March 10th Fashion Design 101
March 7th Candy Crush
March 5th Things That Get Under My Skin
March 3rd Banana Lifehack That Will Change Your Life
February 28th How to Feel Mad
February 26th Music Festivals
February 24th Stomach Sounds
February 21st Why Settlers of Catan Takes Forever Sometimes
February 19th What Makes Kitties So Adorable?
February 17th How You Could Get Me To Watch Golf
February 14th Valentine's Day
February 12th Things I WOULD Wish Upon My Enemies
February 10th Soap Operas
February 7th How To Pick A Lock
February 5th The Advertiser
February 3rd What 2014 Superbowl Ads Want Me To Believe
January 31st Youtube Tutorials
January 29th Why I Use Online Pizza Delivery Trackers
January 27th Limited Scope
January 24th Sports News and Commentary
January 22nd Personality Magazine
January 20th The Many Forms Of Poetry
January 17th Great Idea
January 15th Our Privacy Is Being Threatened
January 13th Effectiveness of Advertisements
January 10th Genetic Engineering Labs Everywhere
January 8th Why I Love Headphones
January 6th It's Coooold Out There
January 3rd New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Achieve
January 1st The Only Reason We've Survived
December 30th Memory
December 27th Someday
December 25th 19 Sayings Fixed
December 24th The Most Annoying Thing About Being "Vegan"
December 20th 36 Things I Want To Do Before I Die
December 18th The Decision Making Process of Dogs
December 16th Reality Versus Dreams
December 13th Guide To Using The Office Microwave
December 11th New -isms
December 9th The Anatomy Of Bears
December 6th One Weird Trick Ads
December 4th China Cabinet
December 2nd Longterm Projects
November 29th Foresight
November 27th Casting Call
November 26th Map of Fictional Places
November 25th Different Forms of S'mores
November 22nd Foreign Words
November 20th The Perpetual Cycle
November 18th Door
November 15th Basically
November 13th Email Signatures
November 11th Things You Can Buy With $100
November 8th Three Types of People
November 6th Baby Pics
November 4th Why the Sandwich is the King of Food-Engineering
November 1st Perks Of Growing Up
October 30th Screen Resolutions
October 28th Plans
October 25th Glue Factory
October 23rd Free Time
October 21st Social Media Services
October 18th What Each Country Leads The World In
October 16th Hard Work
October 14th Where Are You From?
October 11th Got 'em.
October 7th Be The Change
October 4th Headline Absurdity
October 2nd Snag A Time Traveler
September 30th My Worst Nightmare
September 27th Symbols
September 25th Choosing A Superpower
September 23rd Winter Is Coming
September 20th Generation Why
September 19th Hipster H20
September 16th Frequent Flyer Miles
September 13th Language Logic
September 9th Mad at Me
September 6th Football Season Is Here
September 4th Photos of Friends
September 2nd Baby Logic
August 30th Mustache Facts
August 28th Gotta See This Movie
August 26th Survey Results
August 23rd Living In The Wrong Century
August 21st Sayings 2.1
August 19th Shoot For The Moon...
August 16th Making it Better
August 14th Human Qualities With Unlimited Potential
August 12th Male Grooming Guidelines
August 9th Capable of Taking Care of Myself
August 7th How Darth Vader and Dogs are Alike
August 5th Amazing Scientific Breakthroughs
August 2nd Diction
July 31st A Comprehensive List of Things That Help Me Calm Down
July 29th Sayings 2.0
July 26th Guest Post From my Boss
July 24th Spectrum of Obsessions
July 22nd Cooped Up
July 19th Children's Books Redone As Grown-up Books
July 17th Being Right
July 15th What Your Yacht Says About You
July 12th The Proposal
July 10th Headphones
July 8th Bad With Names
July 5th Movies These Days
July 3rd When You Least Expect It
July 1st Beard Facts
June 28th Far Too Often
June 26th The State of Web Articles
June 24th Shaving
June 21st Someone help.
June 19th When Did You Earn Your Degree?
June 17th Recycling
June 14th Where Are My Headphones?
June 12th Penny
June 10th 3 Things Science Can't Explain
June 7th Different Types of Sleepers
June 5th When The Wife's Away
June 3rd What It's Like To Be Short
May 31st The Pros & Cons Of Being Tall
May 29th Not Right Now...
May 27th Men's Dress Shirts
May 24th How To Choose a Greeting Card
May 22nd Excuse Me Sir/Madam, But Your Popular Quote Sucks
May 20th Decoding Rental Ads
May 15th The Incredibles 2
May 13th One Serving A Day
May 10th Dear the Oatmeal, I see your Mantis Shrimp post, and I raise you my favorite animal...
May 8th People
May 6th Bacon
May 3rd Highlighting
April 30th Six Uses for the Yellow Pages
April 29th What Your Coffee Says About You
April 26th Love
April 24th How To Chart Good
April 22nd Riddle
April 19th What's For Dinner?
April 17th A Special Place
April 15th Pretty Bad Advice
April 12th Working From Home
April 10th Do I Hate You?
April 8th Chart of Charts
April 5th Deciding Whether Or Not To Have A Baby
April 3rd Bachelor's Fridge
April 1st Things I Would Tell My Younger Self
March 29th Facebook Phone
March 27th How To Get A Job Through Linkedin
March 25th Apple iWatch
March 22nd Collaborative Environment
March 20th Hand Dryer
March 18th Good Housekeeping
March 14th People in Elevators
March 13th Life of a Toothpick
March 11th Okay
March 8th Into The Universe
March 5th Neighbors
March 4th A Man's Best Friend
March 1st Different Types of Houses
February 27th Heaven and Hell
February 25th Abridged History Of The World
February 22nd Don't Ask Why
February 20th Terrible Tweets
February 18th Final Stage
February 15th Stomach at a Restaurant
February 13th Horn
February 11th Spending Time Together
February 8th Movie Watching
February 4th How Microwaves Work
February 1st Restful Sleep...
January 28th Subtle Yet Important Difference
January 25th Airport Logic
January 23rd Playing Video Games
January 21st Receipts
January 18th Columbus
January 16th Android vs iPhone Debate
January 14th Immortalized
January 11th IT Solutions
January 9th Burp
January 7th Utter Disregard
January 4th How Things Work
January 2nd traffic to facebook
December 31st How To Sort Through Mail
December 28th Lookin' Good
December 26th Paranoid
December 24th Expired
December 21st Mall Design Manual
December 19th What's It Like?
December 17th How Blogs Work
December 14th Sign of the Times
December 12th Every Apple Store
December 10th Necessity Is...
December 7th Bird Living
December 5th Final Exams
December 3rd Choose Your Superpower
November 30th Robots
November 28th Pregnancy Adventures, Part II
November 26th If We Were As Loyal As Our Dogs Pt. II
November 23rd Reasons I Consult Wikipedia
November 21st Food Science
November 19th The Flash Mob Experience
November 16th How The Star Wars Deal Went Down
November 14th Mexican Food
November 12th The Premature Goodbye
November 9th Laundry Cycle
November 7th I See What's Happening Here
November 5th Organ Orders
November 2nd Music Piracy
October 31st Happy Halloween
October 29th It Only Took 20 Years
October 26th Work Time, Play Time, Sleep Time
October 24th The Science Of Dogs
October 22nd Social Consumption Pyramid
October 19th Time Before Smartphones
October 17th Eye Switch
October 15th Repeating History
October 12th Purse Paradox
October 8th Ironically
October 5th Where Cats Sleep
October 3rd How Apple's Genius Bar Works
October 1st Asian Restaurant Rule
September 28th Pregnancy Adventures, Part I
September 26th Crimes of Opportunity
September 24th Dealing with Pirates
September 21st How Much You Care
September 19th A New Substance
September 17th Perspective
September 14th It's Not Your Fault
September 12th New Tablet Computer
September 10th 5 Leaked Features of the iPhone 5
September 5th Fortune 500 In The Year 2030
September 3rd How Showers Ought To Be Designed
August 31st Things That Blew Your Mind When You Were A Kid
August 29th Diploma
August 27th The Internet: A List of Pros and Cons
August 24th Dining Out vs Cooking at Home
August 22nd Tearing People Down
August 20th How Hollywood Converts Novels Into Movies
August 17th NASA's Doing Something Right
August 15th How To Fold Fitted Sheets
August 13th A Typical-Band Member Breakdown
August 10th Playing Chess With Aussies
August 7th When The Whole World Watches
August 6th Guitar Playing Flowchart
August 3rd Olympic Gymnastics Judges' Flowchart
August 1st Unmanly
July 30th Negotiating the Future
July 27th The Reading Glitch
July 25th The State of Mobile Gaming
July 23rd Living With Student Loans
July 20th The Internet Flowchart
July 18th What Your Sideburns Say About You
July 16th Looking Up At The Sky
July 13th Sometimes Exercise Isn't Enough
July 11th Knowing
July 9th The Internet: A Love Story
July 6th Groupon
July 4th TV Shows
July 2nd The First Ever Gift of Flowers
June 29th Game Plan
June 27th Limbo
June 25th Isn't It Ironic?
June 22nd Roller Coasters
June 20th When Siri gets too...
June 18th Disproportionate Reactions
June 15th Time Spent Playing Games
June 13th Get Out of Paying
June 11th Deciding What To Eat
June 8th Fart Sound
June 6th Iron Man
June 4th A Different Approach To Shazam
May 31st Prometheus
May 30th Life
May 28th How to Survive
May 25th Bedtime
May 23rd Apart
May 21st The Pinnacle Of Human Achievement
May 18th Who Could Dislike That?
May 16th Battle of Closet Space
May 14th Attention
May 11th Low Self-Esteem (A Story Of Romance)
May 9th Writing an Email
May 3rd Corporate Slogans
May 2nd Past And Present
April 30th Bed Cartography
April 26th Unjust Traffic
April 25th Arch-Nemeses
April 23rd Lifting Rocks
April 19th The Cost Of Textbooks
April 18th Gadget Gifts
April 16th Ghost of Video Games Past
April 13th I Thought of That First!
April 11th Dog, You're Making a Fool of Yourself
April 9th What Men Look For In Women
April 6th Wave of the Future
April 4th Scared and Alone
April 1st Jokes
March 30th Settlers
March 28th You Did What?!
March 26th Gladiator
March 23rd Baby Names
March 21st Problem With Pizza
March 18th Searching Within
March 16th Class Notebook
March 14th Guide to Raising Your Hand in Class
March 11th Tomorrow
March 9th Show Your Work
March 7th Bad Highway Habits
March 5th Saving Stray Animals
March 2nd Creation
February 27th Look At The Baby
February 24th Vague Notes
February 22nd Medical Advice
February 20th Hipster Conundrum
February 17th Not cool, man.
February 15th Double Standard
February 13th Effort
February 10th Ideas
February 8th How College Works
February 6th Going To The Airport
February 3rd Staged
February 1st Google's Privacy Policy
January 30th Weight Loss Solutions
January 27th On Time
January 25th When She's Angry
January 23rd Nature Lies
January 20th SOPA and PIPA
January 18th How Often Women Laugh At Your Jokes
January 16th Reading Technology
January 11th Meanwhile, at the Elevator Company...
January 9th Wedding Speeches
January 6th Accessibility
January 4th LMAO
January 2nd Italian Dining
December 30th Decade
December 28th Restaurant Tales
December 26th Jim Is Typing
December 23rd Selective Reading
December 21st Car Commercials
December 19th GO HERE AND VOTE FOR ME!
December 16th Watery
December 14th Guy's Opinion
December 12th The State Of Men's Public Restrooms
December 9th Bumper Stickers
December 5th Winter Is Back
December 2nd Price of Entry
November 30th What Your Toilet Paper Says About You
November 28th Peaceful and Serene
November 25th Dear YouTube
November 23rd Friend Zone
November 21st Resume vs Reality
November 18th Boba Fett
November 15th Male Tracks
November 14th Adopting
November 11th Rock Ballads
November 9th Headphones
November 7th Ice Machine Engineering Manual
November 4th Finding Cups
November 2nd Writing Papers in School
October 31st Target Practice
October 28th Siri
October 26th Drink Commercials vs Reality
October 24th Costume Party
October 21st Not There
October 19th Thank You Society
October 16th Quick Reflexes
October 14th Coffee
October 12th Occupations, Wall Street
October 9th Skype In Real Life
October 6th Steve Jobs
October 5th Super
September 30th Packing
September 26th Pick Two
September 23rd Comeback to the Future
September 21st There Comes a Time in Every Man's Life...
September 19th Just Don't Tell Anyone Else
September 16th Running Out
September 11th Well, Well, Well...
September 7th Internet Faux Pas
September 5th Uses For The Modern Phone
September 2nd Tupperwoes
August 31st The Day My Paper's Due
August 29th Check Online
August 26th Consider
August 24th Nice To Meet You
August 21st Movie Watch Time
August 19th Watches
August 17th G-Chat Status
August 10th America's Credit Rating
July 27th Holding Hands
July 25th Having a Cold
July 21st Hack
July 20th Male Gold Digger
July 18th Marriage Pact
July 15th Terms and Conditions
July 13th High School Was A Lie
July 11th Google+
July 8th Not All Technologies
July 1st Superhero Movie Law #42
June 29th If Guys Were Like Cats
June 27th College Parties
June 22nd Calling the Cable Company
June 20th Toothpaste
June 17th Opera
June 15th Spending Habits
June 13th Some Things Never Change
June 8th Act Your Age
June 5th Accurate Pie Chart
June 3rd Before Smartphones
June 1st Working Your Friend's TV
May 27th Acceptable. Acceptable. Unacceptable.
May 25th Hero
May 22nd Women Should Understand The Consequences Of Their Actions
May 18th The Most Interesting Man In The World
May 16th Bad With Money
May 12th Grocery Store
May 11th How To Leave Comments On The Internet
May 9th Ultimate Frisbee
May 4th Could Care Less
May 2nd Complications
April 29th Double Dare
April 27th Correlation
April 24th Say Hi For Me
April 22nd Explanation
April 20th Curiosity
April 18th I Am Your Worst Nightmare
April 15th Awkwardlike
April 13th Important Decision
April 11th How Your Voice Sounds
April 8th Flexibility
April 6th Free Samples
April 4th Nothing Else Matters
April 1st Who is, smartest?
March 30th Job Interview II
March 28th Pictionary
March 25th Sounds About Right
March 23rd Duel
March 21st Attention Deficit Disor
March 16th A Bird In The Hand
March 14th All Taken
March 10th Competes with Itself
March 9th Love-Hate Relationship
March 7th Communication Is Key
March 4th Job Roulette
March 2nd Dinner Plans
February 28th Bring It On, Aliens
February 25th Progress
February 23rd Are You A Zombie?
February 21st Wedding Stress
February 18th Modern Analogies
February 16th Suddenly My Voice You Hear
February 11th What's The Point?
February 9th Tech Envy
February 7th Superbowl
February 2nd Messing With Customer Service
January 31st Taking Group Pictures
January 28th The Truth About Facebook
January 26th Job Interview
January 24th The Radio Star
January 19th Every Class I've Ever Taken
January 17th Post-it Notes
January 14th To Fi or Not to Fi
January 12th Library
January 10th Radio Music
January 7th Hiccups
January 3rd New Year's 2011
December 29th Perfect Timing
December 27th Sci-Fi Reality
December 22nd Christmas Birthdays
December 17th Shoot The Moon
December 15th Sliced Bread
December 8th Swimming Upstream
December 6th Giving Directions
December 3rd Facebook Friends
November 26th Food Amnesia
November 24th Cable Programming
November 22nd Lost Touch With Old Friends
November 20th A Couch Story
November 17th Product Differentiation
November 15th The Great Ten Billion Year Race
November 12th Officially Official
November 10th The Evolution of Ergonomics in School Chairs
November 5th Country Music
November 3rd How We Treat Our Cars vs How We Treat Ourselves
November 1st Facebook Threads
October 29th Girlthmatics: Lesson 1
October 27th How To Neutralize Wild Animals
October 25th Music
October 22nd Olfactory Girl
October 20th Alien Invasion
October 17th Chain Mail
October 14th Modern Courtship
October 11th Grades
October 8th Interactive Ads
October 4th Movie Warning System
October 1st Chinese Character Tattoo
September 29th Why Chatting On The Internet Is Better Than In Person
September 27th "Corn Sugar"
September 24th The Great Mount Everest Challenge
September 20th Support
September 17th Childhood Sleepovers
September 13th Verbposition
September 10th MythBusters
September 8th Reverse Reverse Psychology
September 6th Life Expectancy
August 27th Try As You May
August 25th Bicyclist Vs Motorist
August 20th Real Life Superpower
August 13th Girl Talk Guy Talk
August 11th This Is Jim.
August 6th New Haircut?
August 4th Freedom of Speech
August 2nd Book Covers
July 30th Automated Customer Service
July 26th Taste-buds
July 23rd 3 Unlikely Human Achievements
July 21st She's All That And A Bag Of Chips
July 16th Antivirus Programs
July 14th Every Road Trip I've Ever Been On
July 9th Job Description
July 7th The 5 Stages of Making a Sandwich
July 5th Lifecycle
July 2nd Daydream
June 21st The People's Democratic Diagram
June 18th Whenever People Wear The Same Thing
June 11th How To Fix Anything
June 9th Loophole
June 2nd Coffee Lovers
May 26th Mr. Sketch
May 24th Watching LOST
May 19th La Tomatina
May 14th When A Girl Does Something Wrong
May 12th When A Guy Does Something Wrong
May 9th Sleep Cycle...
May 7th Epic Fail
May 5th What's The Secret Password?
May 3rd Greater Beings
April 23rd How To Upset A Hipster
April 14th Heck Yeah! Google Wave!
April 12th ATMs
April 9th Saying Hello
April 7th Where's Waldo's Keys?
April 2nd If Cats Could Talk
March 31st In The Amount Of Time It Takes You To Read This... [Infographic]
March 29th Green-Screen
March 26th Product Reviews
March 24th The Sandwich III
March 22nd What It's Like To Be A Sports Fan
March 19th The Apartment Decoration Cycle
March 17th Hydrogenated Pennzoil
March 15th The Different Types of Hand-Washers
March 10th Dungeons & Dragons Characters
March 8th Love to Hate to Love
March 5th The Movies
March 3rd Messing with T-Rex
March 1st Color Wheel
February 26th Level of Disgust
February 24th Why You Are Not As Awesome As A Dog
February 22nd Dinosaurs Killing From The Grave
February 19th Keeping Tabs
February 17th Dammit, Who Let Jim Near The Bat-Signal?!
February 15th He Said, She Said
February 14th Clementine's Day
February 12th Google Buzz Trick
February 10th I Didn't Cry Watching Marley & Me
February 5th Fax Machine Timeline
February 3rd Articulate and Confident
February 1st Favorite YouTube Clips
January 29th Why I Don't Check Voicemail Anymore
January 26th 20 Things I already know about Apple's iTablet/iSlate
January 25th John Williams Themes
January 20th The Mile High Tomato Phenomenon
January 18th George Lucased
January 13th Real Life RPG
January 11th Morning Routine
January 8th How to Get Out of Trouble
January 6th I'd like to take you out sometime, but first...
January 4th 5 ways to get future you where you want him/her to be.
January 1st All Together A Pretty Good New Year's
December 30th Charlotte's Web
December 28th The Psychology of Shopping
December 25th The Most Feared Predator
December 23rd Matchmaker Tips
December 18th Makes Everything Better
December 16th Telephone Games
December 11th Alpaca: The Ultimate Killing Machine
December 9th Carrying a Conversation
December 7th Girl vs. Guy Advice
December 4th It's Not Personal
December 2nd Titanic
November 30th D'oh Re Mi
November 27th Habits of Highly Effective Procrastinators
November 25th Elementary My Dear Watson
November 23rd A Cautionary Tale
November 18th Catching the Bus
November 16th Clean Energy?
November 13th Guide For Giving Gifts to Guys
November 11th Splitting the Check
November 9th Monopoly Timeline
November 4th What a creep!
November 2nd The Thing About Belts
October 28th Animal Urges
October 26th The Shirt Queue
October 23rd Jim Strikes Again
October 21st Very Intelligent Life
October 19th Side Effects
October 16th Haircut
October 14th Communication Circa 1995
October 12th Hubble Takes Picture of The Sun
October 7th Second star to the left
October 5th Ninja vs Pirate
October 2nd Paper Planes
September 21st 3.14159
September 16th As Good Looks Increase...
September 14th Hold Her Close
September 11th A Doghouse World
September 9th Google Translator
September 7th Man vs. Wild
September 4th Bear Fight
August 28th Restaurant Choice
August 26th Girlology: Lesson 2
August 24th Priorities
August 19th Ninja Time
August 17th Refrigerator
August 14th Tetris Envy
August 12th Love Games
August 10th Movie Roosters
August 7th Termites
August 5th Wall of Frames
August 3rd Twitter Movie Critics
July 31st Saving Emails Flowchart
July 29th Dessert Logic
July 27th I Think She Likes You
July 24th Too Short
July 22nd Apple Enthusiasts
July 20th Wild Thing
July 15th Tree Falling in the Woods
July 13th It Was Huge!
July 10th Captain Idiom
July 8th Driving Skills
July 6th Buckethead
July 3rd Grand Poultry Slam
June 29th Doghouse Times issue 3
June 26th History's Worst Invention
June 24th Twitter
June 22nd Before There Were Video Games
June 19th Feelings
June 17th Guyology: Lesson 1
June 15th Cure For Cancer
June 12th The One-Upper
June 10th The Gamer's Gravestone
June 8th Wild Pizza
June 5th The Versatility of Dude
June 3rd Girlology: Lesson 1
June 1st Girls At A Pool
May 29th Darth Dad-er
May 27th Negativity Sheep
May 25th Two Truths and A Lie
May 22nd Horror Movies
May 20th WolframAlpha
May 15th Doghouse Times Issue 2
May 11th That's Deep
May 6th Sound Dating Advice
May 4th Lifeguard
May 1st SpeedomEATer
April 27th Worlds Scariest Computer Virus
April 22nd Buyer's Remorse
April 20th Scammers
April 17th The Photoshop Argument
April 15th Pitter
April 13th Throwback
April 10th Doghouse Times issue 1
April 8th Strategy
April 6th New Invention
March 31st Bull
March 30th Getcha popcorn ready!
March 27th Distractosaur
March 25th Smooth Operator
March 23rd The day after yesterday
March 20th Rule #423
March 18th Infant Immunity
March 15th The Realist
March 13th The Sandwich II
March 11th The art of being cheap
March 9th Don't run with scissors
March 6th Try This Trick At Home
March 4th Always forget something
March 2nd Pizz-ushi
February 27th Watching You
February 25th The Sandwich
February 23rd Bon appe- Damnit!
February 20th 300 plates of crap
February 18th Romantic comedy
February 16th Italy
February 13th Cupid
February 11th The nap trap
February 9th Breakfast in bed
February 6th Two types of people
February 2nd Misplaced advice
January 30th The face that launched a thousand ships
January 28th The Eternal Struggle
January 26th Don't feed the squirrels
January 22nd Pretty fair trade if you ask me
January 20th Name?
January 15th The team
January 13th The pants
January 8th Training day