Awesome And Less Awesome City Nicknames

I thought it would be cool to take a poll to see where a larger sample size thinks each nickname should be placed on the chart. Click here to add your answers to the poll. EDIT: Survey now over.
Also, for those of you who like to debate about this kind of thing, I have a few disclaimers I'd like to make: 1. Not all of these are necessarily the most common nicknames, nor are they all nicknames that the city chose for itself. Many of them were chosen simply because I thought they were the most interesting/entertaining. Within this context, I'll point out that City of Hate is not at all a common nickname for Dallas. Big-D would be the more common, and more accurate one. I've been there. Lovely people. 2. Where I placed cities on the population fame influence scale was an incredibly unscientific process. 3. Having a cool or not cool nickname doesn't make the city itself more or less great. This was purely for entertainment purposes and I hope it doesn't offend anyone.
Alt-Text: Poor Montreal. But to be fair, it's such a great city that having a crummy nickname is an acceptable tradeoff.