The Science Of Dogs

I have 4 doctorates in dogsareawesomeology. -Will High resolution files are here!!  We've been getting a lot of requests from people saying they want a way to buy posters or high-res files of certain comics.  We're working on putting up a store soon, but in the mean time, we've set up a way for you to start downloading high-res files of certain comics.  We're doing a pay-what-you-want system (or download for free...seriously, go nuts)  because we like you guys and are happy for you to download as much as you want.  We're just getting started so it might take some time to get all your favorite strips up, but hopefully we'll have most of them available soon.  If there is a specific comic you'd like available in a larger size, feel free to shoot us an email and we'll try to make it happen.  Today's comic is the first one we've put up--you can get it here.
Alt-Text: It's a scientific fact that dogs leave their ears folded inside just to mess with us.