Sayings 2.0

A couple of things. First off, 'Close but no WiFi' is something my cousin Nab said once, and it got me thinking about other sayings. Secondly, yes, some of these don't quite make sense if you think about them too long—some are just meant to be funny. Also, 'Don't bite the hand...' came to mind when thinking of the Google RSS debacle, and for some strange reason when I look at 'Never judge an app by its icon', I think of Marco Arment's Bugshot (I know the story behind it, so in the words of Marco "Don't email me."). Also, normally with a post like this I'd ask for y'all's ideas on other ones, but I plan on doing another set, so I don't want to cheat by seeing some other great ones. ;) Thanks for reading this whole thing.
Alt-Text: The early adopter brought it upon themselves.