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Well, let’s see.  There’s three of us last time we all sat down for a headcount (best 10 minute meeting ever by the way). There’s me Ray, then there’s Will and Raf. Two of us are related, but Will is taller than Raf who spent five dollars more than me on ice-cream. You do the math. If you see us at a party, we’re the three dudes in the back arguing about whether or not a light saber could stop an oncoming Mario fireball (in case you were wondering, oh yeah, it can), or if the lung capacity of a cheetah is greater than that of a house cat (we really have no idea).

The site itself is maintained by, I think it was…yup…I’m sure of it: magic. Most of our brainstorming sessions involve Will dangling Raf off of the balcony yelling, “THIS TIME I’M REALLY GONNA DO IT!”. He half did it once. As you can tell the site is fairly minimalistic. This is, sadly, because only Raf can draw, and he refuses to until his petition for February’s right to have the same number of days as other months becomes law. Thanks for the show of solidarity, Raf.

The name was Will’s idea, so you can blame him for it. Unless you like it, in which case send me an email saying so, and I’ll rub it in his face.


Hello. This is Raf. I’d like to be frank for a moment if I may. Okay, I’m done. I’d like to be Raf again. I’ll begin at the beginning.  The idea of starting a web comic came to us during dinner.  We wanted to venture into something new and exciting, so we deliberated and narrowed it down to two viable options: option A was starting a web-comic; option B was becoming superheros.  When it was made clear to us that the ability to consume large quantities of food in a short period of time was NOT a superpower, we went with option A.

By now you’re probably asking yourself, “Is this guy just distracting me so he can steal my sandwich?”  Well sir/madam, it seems your audacity knows no bounds!  You can have your sandwich back, I don’t even want it anymore.

Anyway, the comic is simply a commentary on life, love and sandwiches.


I’d first like to clear up something that my colleagues have falsely lead you to believe.  I never have, nor will I ever, like pants.

I should also warn you that Ray and Raf are feeding you a bunch of bologna (Luuucky) about why we decided to start our website.  The truth is we know that web-comics are where all the money and fame is at and we want a piece.  It was obvious that in order to be successful in this biz, you need to be good with humor, drawing, math and computers.  Well we kick some serious butt at drawing and math so we figured 2 out of 3 wasn’t bad.

Anyway, the comic is simply a commentary on the love life of sandwiches.



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